PRIMORDIAL MYSPACE was started as a fan site but is now run by Nemtheanga and PRIMORDIAL. for all the usual biographies, different pictures and general Primordial information can be found at The origins of the band go back to the late 80s although you could say the band only seriously began to forge their sound and adopt a more serious attitude to their music in 1991. One demo was recorded back in 1993 and since then we have made 6 albums and one mcd. The most recent of these is entitled TO THE NAMELESS DEAD and was released by Metal Blade Records. All of the previous albums have been re-released by Candlelight/Plastic Head in the US and Europe so should not be hard to find. We have toured Europe several times, with bands like Immortal, Moonsorrow, Thyrfing, Ancient Rites, Rotting Christ, Enthroned and Mourning Beloveth among others. And made one appearace at the Heathen Crusade among others We are currently preparing for a few shows…you will find them at the upcoming shows listing. on our website coming very soon is a shop where you can buy various different kinds of shirts/hoods/girlies etc…check it out !. any questions or queries or invites can be sent here and the band will now answer them !….. Nemtheanga

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