MORPHOSIS finally unleash their debut album. Ten tracks of vicious, aggressive hammer to the head Death Metal. 30 minutes of modern Death Metal with a strong old school feel, drawing on two decades of influences. Recorded in Trackmix Studios, Dublin. Featuring guest vocals from PRIMORDIAL’S Nemtheanga. First 100 copies come with exclusive patch.

Morphosis is a name familiar to older veterns of the Irish metal scene,with founding members Vinnie(guitar)and George(bass/vocals)working together since 1985. In 1990 they recorded the Conflagration demo under the name of Asphyxia. Shortly after they changed their name to Morphosis and recorded the Modus Operandi 1993 and Malicious Malfiguration 1995 demos. In 2005,after a decade of inactivity the band re-formed.The current line up is completed by Jason (drums) and Squelch(vocals). The full length album”Rise of the Bastard Deities” was recorded in Trackmix studios between june and october 2008.It is on release from Sentinal Records.

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