The Ultimate List Of Headphones For Use In Studios

Headphones can be considered as one of the best inventions of humanity because they block out the unnecessary noise that we humans do not need to hear, they block out the chattering of people around us and help us focus on the music or audiobook that we are listening to. The best part is that people around us do not know what we are listening to; they will also be less inclined to speak to us if we have headphones on. There are different kinds of headphones for various purposes; in this list, I will list out the best headphones that should be used in studios, for music production and many more activities that require attention on the sound produced.

  1. The Sennheiser HD 280 (Pro) proves to be an excellent pick and is without a doubt one of the best headphones of choice in every aspect. The brand, Sennheiser, has been known to make one of the best quality headphones in the market, and they are proven to impress you.
  2. The Extreme Isolation EX 29 is indeed a unique pair of headphones which are designed with just one goal in mind, which would be maximum isolation of sound. This pair was designed by a drummer and is intended to be used by drummers.
  3. The Sony MDR 7506 can be classified as a close competitor to the HD 280. This pair is affordable, amazingly durable, and they do indeed provide good isolation. Some folks even tend to give them an overall edge. It has also been known to be super comfortable and also it is known to emit perfect sound quality.
  4. The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro is one of the headphones on this list, which is on the pricier side. You know how they say “you ought to pay a pretty price to get pretty things”, that saying applies here. It truly offers significant upgrades when it comes to overall quality.
  5. Focal Spirit Professional headphones are a pair that is cheaper compared to the other ones on the list. Doesn’t it seem like the optimal sound quality usually takes a hit by other important features when the price reduces? For those who can afford it, they should but two headphones from this list and find out which one suits them best for their job.
  6. Shure SRH 1540 is one that closely resembles the standard open back design, which is indeed popular. It is a beautiful design to behold and is one of the better-looking ones on this list. A question that comes to mind is whether they actually sound as amazing as they look. Many reviews have pointed in the direction that customers have been loving their experience with this pair.