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Taking a look at the different kinds of microphones on the market

Every artist knows the benefits of a good microphone, especially if they are the lead singer of the band. Among the many different types of microphones, most of the today’s market rests on two – dynamic and condenser microphones.clip on microphones

However, in addition to these basic types, engineers have developed individual models that use the one or the other system to give the best audio support to an artist. Today, we want to share some thoughts on the popular kinds of microphones on the market.

Wireless Microphones

Wireless microphones share much in common with dynamic mics, as they don’t need the cord to operate. This is their strongest advantage over the other types of receivers. With a wireless microphone, you will be able to move freely across the stage. This mic is the great option for dynamic public speakers and hosts who need to go around a lot.

Clip On Microphones

Clip On Microphones is the essential gear for anchors and hosts. Singers, however, can’t benefit from them, since they are not meant for the actual full-time performance. On the other hand, they can be useful for violin players, for example. The main feature of this microphones is their ability to be put whenever the player wants. That way, he will be able to control the proximity of the mic to the instrument, which will reflect on the sound quality.


clip on microphonesHeadsets are somewhere in between clip on microphones and wireless microphones. They are great gear for those who like to jump, run, or move around during the show. However, they are more sensitive to movement, especially if they are the corded ones. Additionally, there are various types of headsets, from wireless (not attached to the base, which allows you to move freely) to the computer and Bluetooth headsets.

USB Microphones

Great stuff for amateur musicians or someone who wants that “plug and play” effect. USB mics require no audio interface, which makes them incredibly easy to use. These mics have an installed interface which automatically converts audio input to digital output. On top of that, they are convenient for mobile recording because you can plug them in your laptop and record as you go.

Studio Microphones for Vocals

These mics are primarily used in the studio, which means they are designed with some unique features. Most studio mics are coming with additional filters that are disabling the background noise and give the ultimate sound quality. On the other hand, they can offer different polar patterns (which represents the way a mic captures the sound) to suit individual needs of a singer or a player.

clip on microphones

Choosing the right microphone for you mostly depends on your needs, so the big question is what are you going to use the mic for? Pay particular attention to the mics if you’re a pro because you can’t save on the quality.

Pro tips for beginner singers

Music is a part of our daily life and we listen to lots of popular and new singers every day. But only some of them have the ability to touch our heart and soul with their voice. What do you think that what is the reason behind their beautiful voice?

If you’re a beginner singer and trying to attract people with your voice, then you must take a look at the pro tips we’re going to share in this article. Here you’ll find more tips about singing. Let’s have a look at how you can make your voice magical for the audience.


At the time of choosing any song, you need to make sure that song is according to your range. Some people have a great voice but their song selection is wrong due to which listener feel a disturbance in a pitching and they can’t enjoy it.

You need to take care of the pitching problem and you must also make sure that you’re hitting the right amount of high and low notes while singing a song.


In most of the cases, singers turn their home into the studio so they can save the money. Now the question is how you can create an acoustic environment in the home so your recording can feel like a professional one?

Reflection filters are the best equipment for those who want to create awesome songs in their studio. They are also known as “mini vocal booths” and with the help of filters, you can record the clear and flawless song.


If you ever see the long hour concert of any singer, you can see how they always have a bottle in their hand and they keep hydrating themselves with the water. Do you wonder why they drink so much water after few songs?

After singing for hours, your throat starts creating a friction and you may feel difficult to sing in a flawless way. If you are practicing in your home, then keep your throat hydrate after few songs.


At the time of recording song, the important thing you should notice is that do you have proper material in your studio? What if you are singing perfectly but due to the improper material you are not able to show your talent to the listener?

This is a one-time investment plan. You have to spend money on quality setup which can help you in moving forward in the industry. You can use these instruments and systems for years if you are going towards the high quality.


When you start your career in singing, then you can often find difficulty in breathing during the song. This breathing problem can totally change your pitch, sound, and music. This happens a lot during the rock song or rap.

In this case, you should practice more and more to determine where you need to hold it and where you can leave it. Negative effects on your singing can create problems for your singing career, therefore, you should always avoid that. Click here and find more tips for beginner singers.


PRIMORDIAL MYSPACE was started as a fan site but is now run by Nemtheanga and PRIMORDIAL. for all the usual biographies, different pictures and general Primordial information can be found at www.primordialweb.com The origins of the band go back to the late 80s although you could say the band only seriously began to forge their sound and adopt a more serious attitude to their music in 1991. One demo was recorded back in 1993 and since then we have made 6 albums and one mcd. The most recent of these is entitled TO THE NAMELESS DEAD and was released by Metal Blade Records. All of the previous albums have been re-released by Candlelight/Plastic Head in the US and Europe so should not be hard to find. We have toured Europe several times, with bands like Immortal, Moonsorrow, Thyrfing, Ancient Rites, Rotting Christ, Enthroned and Mourning Beloveth among others. And made one appearace at the Heathen Crusade among others We are currently preparing for a few shows…you will find them at the upcoming shows listing. on our website www.primordialweb.com coming very soon is a shop where you can buy various different kinds of shirts/hoods/girlies etc…check it out !. any questions or queries or invites can be sent here and the band will now answer them !….. Nemtheanga

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Mourning Beloveth began in winter 1992 but it wasn’t until 1996 that they recorded their first, untitled, demo, followed by the highly acclaimed Autumnal Fires demo in 1998 (even receiving “Demo of the issue” in Moondance magazine). Over 1200 copies of Autumnal Fires were sold throughout the underground and the MB name spread. For our debut album, we decided to record in the famous Academy studios with Magz at the helm. What was produced after seven intense days of recording was “Dust”, a sixty six minute Doom masterpiece harking back to the days of the early ’90’s Doom/Death scene. Following the release of their debut album , Dust, in March 2001, writing again commenced, and from April 20 to May 5, 2002, once again in the Academy and with Magz guidance, album number two was let loose upon the world. “The Sullen Sulcus” – with six songs over 65 minutes it is not for the feint hearted. It was released in December 2002 by Aftermath music and is now available worldwide. Our first US tour followed in support of the album. Sentinel Records from Ireland (www.sentinelireland.com) re-released Dust with new artwork, an unmixed song from the “Sulcus” recording sessions and Forever Lost Emeralds (from the Autumnal Fires demo) all of which was remastered by Stuart Anstis. A split 7″ was also released by Sentinel, the first MB piece of vinyl! We recorded a new song entitled Part 1 which was released with fellow dark metallers Lunar Gate from Ireland, and limited to 500 copies. Shortly after another offer of a tour appeared with While Heaven Wept and Thee Plague of Gentlemen starting off at Doom Shall Rise. The contract we had spoken about with Grau on the DSR tour arrived and soon after we became a Grau band for four albums. The music this time round is very bare, naked, almost stripped to its core and the album and lyrical content reflected this. It is still Mourning Beloveth, but while more elemental it was also more experimental but only the recording sessions would really tell and so in November 2004 we arrived at Klangschmeide, Studio E in Germany to record what was later to become known as A Murderous Circus. Adrian moved to Spain, and shortly after that in April 06 we had a tour coming up with Primordial, Moonsorrow and Gardens of Gehennah. The crowds and reactions were amazing, night after night. Upon return, first priority was to replace Adrian, who’s relocation had become permanent. This was solved with the recruitment of Brendan (Sol Axis, Abaddon Incarnate) on bass duties, and writing again commenced on the new MB album. Harking back to the spirit of Dust, yet covered in a venomous bile, 5 new odes to desolation and decay took shape within our rehearsal studio, and it was in October of 07 we again decamped to Studio E in Germany to drag these monstrosities into existence. 2 weeks later, emerging blinking in the Autumn sun, A Disease For The Ages freshly committed to disk, we went home… A Disease For The Ages, a pandemic in 5 parts, was released 05/05/08 by Grau. In March of 08, the planned Age of Disease Tour had to be canceled at the 11th hour due to unforeseen personal issues, and a bitter sense of disappointment gave way to renewed determination, and the rest of 08 saw the strongest ever MB performances at Ireland’s D.O.D fest, Ferrum Rust Fest in Lithuania, Belgium, a triumphant return to our friends in Athens, Greece, and our first ever appearance at Cork’s Winterfest. April 09 sees are long over due return to the joys of the road as headliners on the much anticipated “Milestones of Misery” tour, along with such luminaries as Mournful Congregation and Longing for Dawn. See you at the bar…

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MORPHOSIS finally unleash their debut album. Ten tracks of vicious, aggressive hammer to the head Death Metal. 30 minutes of modern Death Metal with a strong old school feel, drawing on two decades of influences. Recorded in Trackmix Studios, Dublin. Featuring guest vocals from PRIMORDIAL’S Nemtheanga. First 100 copies come with exclusive patch.

Morphosis is a name familiar to older veterns of the Irish metal scene,with founding members Vinnie(guitar)and George(bass/vocals)working together since 1985. In 1990 they recorded the Conflagration demo under the name of Asphyxia. Shortly after they changed their name to Morphosis and recorded the Modus Operandi 1993 and Malicious Malfiguration 1995 demos. In 2005,after a decade of inactivity the band re-formed.The current line up is completed by Jason (drums) and Squelch(vocals). The full length album”Rise of the Bastard Deities” was recorded in Trackmix studios between june and october 2008.It is on release from Sentinal Records.

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